Affiliate Programme

GLOBAL TBC-CASH-CENTRE affiliate  is one of the best that actually empowers member to earn more money apart from their montly cashout on yhe website.To become an affiliate , you must be a duely registered member whose account is active. .

Do you have an account with us? If your answer is YES, then you're already an affiliate! Just sign in to your account and start earning money by referring others to GLOBAL TBC-CASH-CENTRE. It's fast, FREE and as easy as telling us how you want to be paid! You will receive commission of  1- 5% of the fees charged for all the signup made by your referrals. The earnings are credited to your account instantly and can be withdrawn right away.

As an affiliate member , you are expected to login to your back office, click on referral and copy the  referral link and send it to your friends for immediate signup on our website. The commision is based on whether they signup and upload their proof of payment and making sure that the account is active by clicking the activation links from their emails.

This is an opportunity for your to eanr exra income by telling people about the programme and using your referral links as well. You can as well use the facebook and instagram links in your back office to refer more people as their no limit to the number of people that you can refer. The more people you refer , the morer money you will earn from GLOBAL TBC-CASH-CENTRE