1. What is TBC and What Can I use it for?

TBC is a digital form of payment known as The Billion Coin called a crypto currency that has nothing to do with physical printing of cash ( cashless) but runs electronically.
It is set to rise between  1% to 5% daily based on the number of users embracing it in the world

2 . What is Global TBC Cash Centre?
Global TBC cash centre is a platform where all the Tbicians can cash out little out of their kringles to fiat currency. This is first of its kind in the whole world


3. What is Sponsor?

The Sponsor ID is the Membership ID of the person referring you.
It is also called the Referrer’s ID. This is the ID of the person who gets the $1 referrer bonus.

    4. What is membership fees?

There are five categories of memebership fees ranging from:
1. Regular Users     ($50)
2. Agents            ($100)    
3. Coordintors        ($200)
4. Managers         ($300)
5. Directors        ($400)

Now choose

      5.  Is membership fees annual or monthly?
The membership fees is per annum


6   .How Can I register?
To register, you need to visit this link Register Now
7 .How many accounts can I register at once?
You can register multiple accounts at the same time in as much the membership fee can be paid.

      8. How Can I cashout my TBC?
There are two ways by which all users can make cashout.

1. Once in every month 2. If you have multiple accounts.